How to Make Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet)

Although tonkatsu is a Japanese dish originally, many Koreans have been falling in love with this dish, simply because it contains one of their favorite ingredients, pork. They love the crispy texture on the outside and the juicy goodness of the meat on the inside. Here is how to make this delicious dish.

The ingredients that you will need are: pork chops, a couple of eggs, some flour, bread crumbs, a wok with cooking oil, a cabbage, and tonkatsu sauce (you can buy these in pretty much any Asian store).

First take your pork chops and season with salt and pepper on both sides. Then cover it in plastic wrap and softly pound it out until it gets reliably thin.

Then pour out some flour on a plate or something flat. Then beat a couple of eggs in another plate-like object, but one that has more of a dip so it's easier to dip something in the eggs. Also lay out bread crumbs on similar plates.
Now, heat up some cooking oil in a wok, and while it's heating, take your sitting pork chops, cover it in flour, then dip it in the eggs, and finally cover it in bread crumbs. Once you have done that, drop it into the wok and cook until both sides are golden brown.

Once that is done, take your cabin and finely shred it and serve it next to your tonkatsu. As for the tonkatsu and tonkatsu sauce, you can either serve it cut up with sauce on top or whole with sauce on the side for their liking.
Now, teach your friends how to make tonkatsu today!

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Easy And Delicious Noodles With Tuna Recipe

Noodles with tuna has been one of my favorite foods to eat and prepare since college. I can not remember how many tuna cans I have opened and consumed and if I can pile all the cans together, I'm sure that I can build a fairly huge totem pole. I was in the school's swimming varsity team and did martial arts after class so probably you can imagine how hungry I was when I reached home. Often I find myself rushing to raid the refrigerator and being disappointed for finding nothing that is ready to eat. Because of swimming and martial arts, I always have to watch my weight. I always had to watch the calories and the amount of food that I intake. I did try watching the calories but it was really hard for me to control the huge amount of food that I wanted to eat because I felt that I was always hungry back then.

Knowing that fish have lower calories compared to beef, pork and chicken our coach always encourages us to eat more seafoods, vegetables, pastas and noodles than eating meat. I am not much fond of eating seafoods but ironically I love eating canned sardines and canned tuna.

I often buy boxes of canned tuna and canned sardines and keep them in stock. I also keep in stock a good amount of pasta, rice and noodles. Whenever I can not find anything ready to eat in the refrigerator, I combine these things and make myself a healthy meal. I find that sardines goes well with rice and tuna goes well with noodles. Compared to sardines, I find tuna and noodles to be more versatile in many ways because I can eat it as-is or can put it in a sandwich or can add it to vegetables and make a good vegetable tuna noodle salad. Tuna noodles also goes well with rice, boiled or baked potatoes, and goes well even with bread. Tuna noodles is like my "Army Kitchen Swiss Knife", mix it with anything and it will still taste good.

Here is one of the tuna and noodles recipe that I loved since college, enjoy!

Noodles With Tuna Recipe


– Two cans of tuna

– One Mincedions

– One minced tomato

– One tablespoon of oregano

– 1/2 tablespoon of sweet pepper

– Salt

– Pepper

– Two minced garlic cloves

– One cup of evaporated milk

– 500 grams of noodles


– Pour olive oil ion a frying pan and saute garlic, tomato, sweet pepper until transparent. Add salt, pepper and oregano.

– Add the Tuna including it's oil and mix well. Pour milk and the rest of the oregano.

– Cook the noodles in a pot with plenty of water. Add a pinch of salt and mix everything well before serving.

– You can also use sardines or scampi sauteed in butter to replace tuna

Tuna with noodles is delicious and easy to prepare and can be done even if you are in a tight schedule.

Source by James A Bruce

KitchenAid Ice Maker Guide to Choosing and Maintaining the Right Model

When shopping for a KitchenAid ice maker, you will come across many different choices. KitchenAid is one of the most highly acclaimed kitchen appliance manufacturers. Some models are great ice makers that are designed for commercial use, while others are a lot smaller and can be used for a home kitchen. The largest ones can make 50 pounds of ice in one day. This is an ideal choice for a restaurant or cafeteria, although some homeowners who live in hot climates may prefer a large unit as well.

You can choose from air cooled and water cooled ice making machines. The former uses the refrigeration system to save on water. The water cooled units cost more, although they use less energy. Think about your budget and determine which initial investment will be the best choice. Would you rather use something that does not use any water or something that does not use too much electricity?

These are all very easy to install and maintain. However, since they work 100% automatically, users sometimes forget to clean them. Ice can build up inside the machine and cause blockage. In order to get optimal performance, you need to regularly clean your KitchenAid ice maker out. In order to clean it, you need to allow it to defrost. This way, any stuck pieces of ice will melt. You can simply remove the storage tray and wash it with soap and warm water.

Home appliance stores such as HomeClick offer the best deals on ice makers – particularly commercial models. Although they last for years, you still might need to replace a part of your KitchenAid ice maker. If something becomes damaged, you can easily find repair parts on the internet. All you have to do is write down the part model number and look online for replacements.

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Soul Food Recipes – 3 Embarrassing Cooking Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Soul food recipes can help make your life easier in the kitchen. They help you avoid the trial and error frustrations our great-grandmother's had to go through. She often test dishes for months or years to get a it right. Because of today's recipes we can take advantage of others work and effort and enjoy the tasty results and time-saving benefits.

But regardless of the obvious benefits, cooking mistakes can still happen when trying to follow a recipe you can not wait to try. I receive many letters from readers confused as to why a certain recipe did not turn out right. On closer examination it's normally one of the 3mistakes I list in this article. In fact, if you make sure to avoid making these 3 mistakes your recipe will have a 75% chance of turning out right.

However, if you make one of these mistakes your dish will have a 75% chance of turning out wrong. Either, bland, tasteless, dry, or generally inedible.

1. Missing the Action Words. Many times people go over the ingredients they'll need for the recipe with a fine tooth comb. But they're often miss one or more of the action words or verbs in the menu. For example, chop, dice, mince, fold, simmer, etc. They'll quickly boil instead of simmer or they'll dice instead of mince. They're often miss a little detail that could change the integrity, taste and overall result of they dish.

2. Not Fully Understanding Cooking Terms. You can trace many mistakes back to this one basic mistake. Not knowing what a specific action term means. If a recipe requires you to broil and you thought it said boil. Or you stir when the recipe said to whip, especially if your making a topping, your result will be less than satisfactory. A good tip is to simply keep a dictionary close by, if in doubt about a term look it up. Better to take 2 minutes to look up a term you're not sure about waste time making a bad recipe mistake.

3. Not Checking Your Temperature This is a biggie although it may see obvious at first glance. A large percentage of recipe mistakes occurred because of temperature problems. One point to keep in mind is realizing many ovens heat differently because of calibration, altitude and other factors. So, after you've made sure you've set the temperature correctly, make sure you check the food often.

As you follow these simple but important solutions you'll start to get more soul food recipe confidence – and experience more mistake-free recipe success.

Source by Roy Primm

Red Blossoms

She watched with fascination as the people roamed by. They were all wearing colorful and bright dresses, adorned with the precious jewels like she had never seen in her six of years. It was a kaleidoscope of colors that were so striking that it hurt her eyes. She clutched tighter to her mother's hand while her eyes were wide with wonder, innocence and something skin to fear. She, the little girl in black coat, had always thought that the world was only filled with gray, black and white, because that's what she had always seen. She never in her wildest dreams thought of so many colors. It was scaring seeing the real world for the first time. As a man in long blue robes passed by, she turned to her mother.

'Mama, where are we going?', She asked. Her mother was still staring at the cluster of people in front of them.

She said, 'I am going to work. You should sit outside and play as I work. Okay? '

'Mama, why do you work all the time? And you no longer play with me at all either 'the chubby girl asked her mother.

'For bread, sweetie. For bread. ' her mother whispered and her eyes were strangely wet.

Her mother hurried her through the dark shadowed alleys that were dusted in white by the snow to the mansion. For the girl shadows posed no threat she knew that night was a friend of their heads, a time when they all gathered and saw the sky filled with stars. The six year old child stand there gasping as she once again was done in awe with the beauty of the place.

'You go in backyard and play but do not take anything and do not come inside,' her mother instructed her adjusting her scarf. The little girl loved that scarf her mother felt all the time. It was white with lots of red roses on it, so many red flowers that it looked red.

Following her mother's words she went in the backyard and there blooming in countless shrubs and plants was a lone tree with red flowers. She picked a flower from the ground and smelled it. '' Ah! Such a sweet smell they brave '', she exclaimed. She sat under the tree and waited for her mother to come. And then it became a routine. With time, she had come to love that tree more and more. But one day it ended, when her mother was shouted at the lady with painted face. Her leisure time came to an end they stopped visiting the mansion. But the tree. Oh! She could not forget and it saddened her a lot. She asked her mother for thousand times when they will go back.

'We are not going there sweetheart', her mother replied.

'But I just want to see the blossoms. For just one more time Mama. Please ', she pleaded her mother.

'Alright, only once okay.' Her mother finally wave up. 'Okay', she grinned.

And that night they went back to the mansion through the same alleles as before but for some reason they scared the little girl that night. She told herself it was just her excitement that made her so wary.
The gate of mansion creaked open under her mother's hand and they stepped inside.

As she reached the backyard, a huge smile appeared on her face. He mother found herself smiling to see her sadness flying away. She ran toward the tree watching the red blossoms fall along with the snow. And even as she reached the tree she knew something was wrong. There was a lot of noise and there followed a sound of gunshot.

'Mama', she fought for once, afraid of this dark white world. She found her soon soon enough lying on snow that was red as blood, as red as her mother's scarf, as red as the blossom that fell from the tree as though tears lamenting the cruelty of the world. She sobbed for her mother but soon the pain in her heart ebbed away as the darkest cold settled. The dawn came, so did the pitiful looks of the mother and child frozen under a blanket of red blossoms, no longer free to walk on the land as they took the train of death. But they never knew their story.

As Edwin Hubbell Chapin said, '' No language can express the power and the beauty and heroism and majesty of a mother's love ''.

Source by Sania S

Picking The Right Gourmet Cooking Tools

The tools are almost as important to the recipe as the ingredients and the words in the recipe. Picking the right tools can sometimes be a daunting task ..

Its always best to start with the basics such as vegetable peelers, knives, cutting board, and utensils and plates to put the food on. Starting with a basic understanding of how basic tools work is the first step to being able to understand and know how to buy different gourmet tools.

Even these simple tools need to be understood, and making sure to spend money on quality tools is the first step to becoming a gourmet chef. A chef who does not know how to properly use a carving knife, or how to operate a vegetable peeler is not really a chef until they can master those tools. These are some of the most basic tools a gourmet chef needs to know about.

One a chef has mastered these particular tools its time to move onto more complicated tools. For example many gourmet chefs use mandolines as a means of chopping up vegetables.

These are much like shredders, except instead of having little pieces of metal jutting from the metal base, there is one long blade in the center of the device and the vegetable is scraped over the blade giving thinner and more precise cuts. Its much like a meat slicer, except for vegetables and even cheeses. It's tools like these that separate simple tools such as graters from the more complex ones.

Mixers can also be a great gourmet cooking tool . Professional mixers come with a variety of different attachments for pastry, vegetable fillings, and even bread making attachments.

Different ingredients need to be handled differently and different attachments on certain professional mixers will allow for things such as egg whites to be handled more delicately than other items. Many professional mixers can be pricey, but many gourmet chefs emphasize the need for costly tools in order to properly propel the craft of cooking forward.

Buying the necessary attachments and spending the money it does not hinder a cook and allows them to be as open minded and creative as possible because they have the needed implements to do so.

Measuring and timing tools are another crucial tool that must be bought and handled correctly. It's best not to buy cheap measuring cups and spoons because sometimes these plastics will not hold up to the dishwasher.

Its best to buy metal or another kind of material because plastic is usually never sturdy enough. Also make sure that your tools are as accurate as they can be. The more accurate the better measurement, and the better the recipe will be!

Its important to pay attention and shop at quality cooking tool stores, stores that mainly focus in selling these cooking tools only, rather than chain stores that do not specialize in cooking tools.
In truth its best to pay attention to what you buy.

The more you pay attention to this, the better your dishes will be and the more knowledge you will gain about the craft. Also you will be able to teach other people and explain to them how to
use a seemingly confusing contraption.

Source by Jack Harmon

Get a One Cup Coffee Maker, Enjoy the Difference

One cup coffee makers are no longer an oddity, no longer the domain of coffee addicts alone. They are actually a very convenient and efficient way for anyone and everyone to make coffee on a daily basis.

As the name suggests, a one cup coffee maker will brew a single cup of coffee with each use. To do so, the machine requires a coffee pod (others use what have become popularly known as "k-cups"), which is a self-contained unit that includes sufficient ground coffee for a single serving and a small filter.

The one cup coffee maker pushes just the right amount of hot water through the pod for a perfect brew.

So, why would you want one of these coffee makers? Some of the reasons may be obvious from the above description, others less so.

The first big reason to get a one cup coffee maker is to save money. Most people who use a traditional drip coffee maker consistently make more coffee than they can or should drink. It is not uncommon to see people make a pot of coffee, drink half, and leave the rest to go cold and later be dumped down the sink drain.

The next reason is freshness. The longer coffee sits in a pot on the warm pad, the more bitter it becomes. This problem is completely eliminated by using coffee pods and making only one cup at a time. And do not worry – these machines produce a cup of coffee pretty quickly, so even if you need to make for yourself and several companions, the time required to do so will still be less than it takes a drip machine to make a full pot .

The resulting brew is also something to pay attention to. When measuring your own coffee in a drip machine, it can be easy to make coffee too strong or too weak. A one cup coffee maker produces exactly the same level of brew every time, and it's adjustable.

Lastly, at least for this non-exhaustive list, is that it's much easier to try out different types and flavors of gourmet coffee when using coffee pods. There are hundreds of types and flavors available, and you only need to buy a small number of pods to try each one. By comparison, trying a new flavor or type of coffee for a drip maker usually requires buying a whole bag of ground or whole beans.

In these days of living more efficiently and frugally, it just makes sense to get a one cup coffee maker.

Source by Craig Dexter

How to Make French Toast Your Entire Family Will Love

Nothing is better than a homemade breakfast on a lazy Saturday morning. Why not allow the children watch cartoons and sit in their pajamas while you cook them up some French Toast to start their day? There are many recipes for French Toast in cookbooks and on the internet, however; some recipes are better than others. To make French Toast, you need to gather a few ingredients. They are:

• 12 large eggs

• 12 pieces of thick bread, such as Texas Toast

• ¼-1/2 cup milk

• Dash of cinnamon

• 2 TBSP butter or margarine

The first step is to break all of the eggs into a large bowl. Add the milk and cinnamon, and whisk until the ingredients are combined. Let this mixture sit for a few moments while you heat an electric skillet or fry pan. Add the butter to the pan and let melt.

Put as many pieces of bread into the bowl with the egg mixture. Let the bread soak up the milk mixture, making sure both sides of the bread are soaked. Take the bread with the egg mixture and put in the fry pan or skillet. Only put as many pieces of bread in the pan that will fit in a single layer. Cook over medium heat, turning after about two minutes. Your French Toast is ready when both sides are a golden brown. Continue with the remaining pieces of bread. If needed, add additional butter or margarine so the Toast does not stick to the pan, serve with additional butter and syrup, powdered sugar, or fresh fruit.

French Toast is an easy and economical recipe that the entire family can enjoy. You can customize this recipe by adding additional flavorings to the egg mixture, such as orange or pineapple juice. However you chose to make this recipe, you will love the results.

Source by Peter Atwood