1-2-3 Sourdough

1-2-3 Sourdough

I stumbled across this in the archives as well as on the Artisan Baker’s Facebook group.  Its been two years since anyone updated the original thread.  Has anyone done this recently?  

I put together a dough this morning and its been fermenting now for two hours and I’ve done 30 minute stretch & folds.  

What’s next….do I put it in the fridge to bulk retard for a few hours…will its flavor deepen or continue to let it rise in bulk (its in the my proofing box/microwave) some more in there?  How do I know when its ready to shape?  What’s your technique to know when bulk ferment is ready?

I used:

190 gr levain fermented overnight (100 gr. water, 40 gr. rye sour, 50 gr. ww flour)
380 gr. water
570 gr. flour:  70 WW, 100 Rye, 400 bread
10 gr. salt

I’m still not sure how to include the levain components in the hydration percentage but really…do I need to be than anal?  Isn’t the purpose of 1-2-3 to make it easy?  Why am I so stuck on this sourdough thing?  ha ha!


Source: Fresh Loaf