3 Ways to Get a Better Looking Booty

It may not be something that every woman wants to admit, but the thought of having a nice booty is appealing. It gets some extra attention and can add to a woman’s overall confidence. But what if her booty isn’t up to par? Is there a way to transform it to be something more appealing? Here are three ways to get a better booty.


It is possible to find booty enhancement pills that will create real results. The goal is to find something with proven statistics that fits into a woman’s budget. With several products on the market, it is important to do a little research and find out what is included in the supplements and how this will affect not only the size, but the shape of the booty.

Choose the Right Jeans

Supplements are great but not everyone wants to wait weeks or months to get a better looking booty. For those needing a quick fix, the right pair of jeans can transform a person’s back end. Lighter wash jeans can give a person’s bottom the appearance of more fullness. Also, look for pockets that are ideally placed on the backside of jeans. If a pocket is too high, the booty will look flat. If they are too low, they can also make it look flat. Pockets need to be placed right along the curve of the backside.

Throw on Some Heels

High heels aren’t the most comfortable accessories that a woman owns. However, by putting on a pair of heels, a woman can instantly add a little bit more booty to her figure. Because of the balance the body requires when wearing heels, the back naturally arches and the back end sticks out a little further. If the thought of heels for an entire day or night isn’t appealing, consider trying wedges. They still create an arched back but tend to be a little easier on the feet.

Working towards a better booty doesn’t necessarily happen overnight. Whether trying out new workout routines or a supplement for some booty enhancement, the results often take weeks or months. In the meantime, make sure to choose the right pair of jeans and throw on some heels for the illusion of a fuller, more attractive backside.