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Scroll Saw Buying Factors It does not matter if you’re hoping to purchase your very first scroll saw or you’re simply planning to upgrade to a new one, the thing is there are several things to consider to make sure you get the best one for your actual needs for it. For this post, we’ll provide you those things you should consider right before you begin your shopping for a scroll saw. Blade Holders We always recommend that you purchase a saw that is compatible with standard 5″ pin-less type of blades. The reason for this is that there will be just too much scrollwork that can’t be performed if your saw only uses pinned blades. Yes, pinned blades are advantageous in different ways, but one problem with it that you can’t afford to have is that you can’t cut any small inside detail cuts because the pin requires a significant hole to pass through.
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The next thing you should be thinking about is how easy it is to change the blade. Be reminded that many scroll projects will require hundreds of holes to be made. Because of this, you are expected to remove one end of the blade from the holder, thread it through the hole, and re-mount all over again. This exact process will be performed countless times. Thus, it makes perfect sense if you buy a scroll saw that generally makes this process easier and faster.
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Variable Speed Factor Fortunately for a scroll saw buyer like you, majority of brands these days are already integrating variable speed in their product. Variable speed is an indispensable feature because it allows you to slow the blade down when you need to cut slower. Additionally, it helps in the successful prevention of burning the wood edges in the process of cutting. Most people would be looking at a scroll saw with an electronic speed control. Size Factor Majority of manufacturers will specific the maximum cutting thickness of their scroll saws. Since the maximum thickness is always more than two inches, you really don’t need to worry because you will never be cutting anything thicker with a scroll saw. If there’s one thing you need to make sure, it is the actual depth of the throat you need. General Layout Obviously, you will want to take a look and feel the overall layout of the controls and adjustments. We recommend that you look for one in which the power switch, tension lever, and the speed control are placed at the end of the scroll saw’s arm and they have to be within reach as well. The Price The last consideration or factor is the price. For some, the price is the first thing to consider since many people don’t have a flexible budget. But if you only know how and what to look for, you may even get all the things you want in a scroll saw within your budget range.