50% White Wheat + Einkorn

50% White Wheat + Einkorn

Long time, no post.  Busy.  But baking.  This is a simple, mild-flavored yet satisfying table bread with open crumb and assertive crust:  50% whole grain:  40% hard white wheat (Central Milling organic) + 10% einkorn (Heartland organic), all fresh-milled.  Departures from our habitual (Acer) process are retarding not in bulk but in banneton, followed by a short, warm proof:  1 hour at 95˚F.

Formula  (2×700 gr loaves)

Process (48h)

First night:  Refresh levain.  Ours is grown @ 75-80˚F @ 80% hydration; rests on countertop between daily feedings of a hi-fiber Gerard Rubaud ration.  If you feed intermittently, refresh at least once immediately prior to this one.

Next morning:  Mill grains.  Prepare levain and incubate @ 75-80˚F all day or until domed.

That evening:  Combine final flours + water (hold back 50 ml) and autolyse ~1 hour @ room temp.  Then fold, squeeze and pince in levain, water and salt.  French fold to uniformity and beginning of gluten development.  Bulk ferment @ 85˚F for 2 hours with letter folds every 10-20 min for first 1-1.5 hours.  Divide, rest, shape, tuck into floured bannetons, bag and refrigerate.  Nitey nite.

Baking (next) day afternoon (in time for cooled loaves at dinner):  Preheat oven @ 500˚F.  Proof loaves 1 h @ 95˚F.  Dough should rise noticeably, but far from final volume (almost top of bannetons).  Score and bake 20 min @ 500˚F with steam, then 5 min @ 435˚F with convection and ~10 min @ 435˚F without convection.  Interior should be just over 200˚F.

Happy Baking!


Source: Fresh Loaf