>75% Hydration, shaping the loaf, tips needed

>75% Hydration, shaping the loaf, tips needed

Submitted by Thanshin on October 7, 2015 – 1:53am.

With high hydration dough, I already manage to knead it nicely with no flour, using Bertinet’s “slap, pull and fold”. However, after the long fermentation I have problems with the loaf shaping.

The technique I’d like to use is dropping the sticky mess on a clean surface, flour the top and shape the loaf by pushing the bottom with the scraper. In principle, the dough sticks to the table and the scraper push creates tension in the top.

My problem is that the scraper sticks strongly to the loaf. I try to put my lightly floured hand against the dough as I quickly retire the scraper, but It still sticks too much and the scraper pulls some dough on the way out.

I’m looking for tips, or ideas about what I could be doing wrong, on that technique or another that also uses minimal amounts flour to to that final shaping.

In case it gives some info: I use a 15″ steel scraper over a wooden surface. I have no problem in cleaning the wooden surface with the scraper during/after kneading. I do 1h autolyse->knead->20h fridge fermentation->loaf shaping->3h raise->oven.