A Bigger Butt Fast – Top Secrets

Let’s face it, sculpting a tighter, rounder; protruding hinder part is what every girl wants, and what every male is naturally drawn to by his internal instincts. Therefore what is the quickest way to achieve the goal to attain a bigger butt fast. There are top secrets listed below, from the proper diet of what to eat to lose weight or gain weight and a very simple natural exercise. Finally how certain super foods multiply your efforts by enhancing natural functions of the female anatomy for powerful results for a bigger derriere.

Take Your Diet Seriously

Changing your diet will help you take advantage of a nicer bottom that men adore, if it is your aim to be more appealing. Choosing the right foods will actually boost the natural process of proper estrogen levels which produces the womanly figure. Too much over eating at a sitting induces fat to cover what is naturally underneath and weakens the body in areas to droop and fall. Consequently we want more muscle in these areas and less fat, as only muscle can be shaped and fat cannot be shaped. Every ounce of fat cells you lose, betters your chance for that desired shape to appear naturally.

The other side of the equation is there are foods proven to increase your derriere (buttocks) size and improve its shape that drive men out of their ever-loving minds. When you are under your weight size, you need to gain to build and add to your physique. When overweight you need to lose to expose those hidden curves. Knowing what foods best serve your objective to lose or to gain, increases the buttocks and loses fat in areas that take away from the shapely sexy curves you are after.

Necessary Food Intake


Eating the right foods and not over eating will make or break your vision for increased proportion. On a cellular level amino acids are the major component as the building blocks for protein, and protein is the major factor in building muscle to give you a bigger butt fast. It is the small increments of muscle built on the butt that work together in holding it up, it also controls the round shape of your derriere, or the hinder part silhouette when viewed from an array of angles.

Foods that are rich in protein are soy protein, turkey breast, chicken breast, tuna, and a special note for lean beef. When lean beef is eaten, especially a T-bone steak almost immediately results happen, but this is only maintained with consistent overall activity. This activity means all aspects mentioned and what will be suggested for a steady plan of action that you will develop.


The foods rich in carbohydrates are what make the buttocks lean, added as the glue so to speak, or weight strengthened by protein built muscle. The carbohydrates help to maintain the desired muscle mass by not allowing the muscle tissue to be used as fuel. It is here the carbohydrates are burned as fuel to add the weight to be maintained by muscle, thus giving the butt the density and firmness it needs. This is a good list of carbohydrates for consummation starting with brown rice, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, brand cereal and oatmeal to round off your diet.

The Vegetable Group

Finally the power of vegetables and fruits develop strength two ways, by producing antitoxins for a more healthy anatomy, also allows you eat as much as you like to lose fat, as there are no calories with this food group. The best of the bunch includes any green leafy foods, green beans, salads, grapefruits, apples, grapes, bananas, including blueberry and cranberries considered to be super foods high in antioxins. You can add to this category as most vegetables and fruits work well here for a variety.

Exercise and Add Super Natural Ingredients

Walking is an exercise we must continue, whether purposeful or in general. The fact is walking can be used to enhance a natural affect it has on our female anatomy. After a meal increase your walking around a block maybe two, or perhaps walk a mile a day or more when stronger. This speeds up our metabolism to distribute weight in the areas we want most, in our buttocks. No sleeping or sitting around for one hour after a heavy meal. When eating properly by using carbohydrates to add weight, protein to build muscle, and the vegetable group to lose unwanted fat, you will distribute weight proportionally to our derriere and silhouette. Walking will be the extra needed, plus the secret ingredients of adding some natural super foods to speed up your production within your female anatomy.

Natural Super-foods

Maca-root suppresses hunger pangs allowing longer times between eating, a great benefit for dieting. Maca-root limits bad estrogen and increases the level of free testosterone vital to building muscle, energy levels, while giving immediate shape due to less water retention.

Saw Palmetto encourages muscle growth, and increases estrogen production with a natural hormonal balancing effect.

Fenu Greek makes synthetic estrogen to increase helping to lose fat and gain strength through the exercise of increased walking, as it supports anabolic hormone. Fenugreek shifts the body from fat storage to increase energy storage. Another property of Fenugreek can load nutrients such as carnitine and creatine into the muscles in the place of carbohydrates, multiplying your weight building experience. We want the weight here whether over or under weight, as the buttocks is muscle we are building.

Dong Quai is a powerful Chinese tonic herb to balance estrogen levels and helps to normalize hormones that are imbalanced, while having an adaptogenic effect on the female hormonal system. Which means it takes away the stress of the body and mind.

Wild Yam balances hormones production and nourishes the liver and endocrine system. Wild yam contains diosgenin similar to the progesterone found in a woman’s body. Which are decisive components or building blocks for the production and balance of the hormones cortisone and progesterone.

Rose Hips increases energy and stamina levels, in addition are fortitude in vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin A, iron, and calcium. It is a rich source of bioflavonoids pectin, manganese, vitamin E, selenium, and B complex vitamins, which is a dissoluble form of fiber. This increase your body rich in vitamins and nutrients, but from a strong health prospective increases your health.

These super foods are the missing components working for you, that adds a considerable increase to your efforts from an internal aspect. This benefit could not possibly be achieved by eating, dieting and exercising alone to maximize your output, toward the goal of having a bigger butt fast. These super foods should be taken on a daily basis in one simple application. The top secrets given must be added as a new plan of action, to stop over eating and doing the things that defeat your goals and purpose, and you will see results happen very quickly.


Source by Hermina Round