A Good Down Pillow Will Get You The Restful Sleep You Want And Need

There are very few things in life that can make a person feel good about how life is treating them. One of those things is waking up from a good relaxing night’s sleep. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to look at a morning and say they had a restful sleep. They either know they tossed and turned throughout the night or they wake up with an aching neck or back. One of the reasons for this is that they didn’t sleep in a way that helped to keep the spine straight and their neck aligned with their spine. The problem can actually be solved a lot more easily than people think. What they need is to get a good down pillow for a side sleeper.

People sleep in one of three positions. They either sleep on their stomach, back or side. For people who sleep on their stomach, a thin pillow they can put under their chest and head is best. People who sleep on their backs are best served with a thin pillow with a small amount of memory foam that applies a little pressure in the lumbar region of their back and a down pillow that supports their neck while only slightly elevating their head from the mattress. For people who sleep on their sides, either a memory foam or down pillow that lifts their head enough to help align their neck with their spine is needed. They can also use what is called a full or three-quarter body pillow to slightly lean their back and head backward. This will also help to keep their neck and spine aligned.

With the head supported and the neck and spine kept aligned, people are able to get a very relaxed sleep, so they can wake up in the morning refreshed. Too often, people will use over-sized pillows that throw their neck out of alignment with their spine, which pinches some of the nerves and causes them to toss and turn to relieve the pressure on those nerves. By making sure they find the proper size down pillow and perhaps a body sleeper pillow, they are able to get all the restful sleep they need throughout the night.