A Proven Recipe for Customer Satisfaction

"Quality is never an accident … It represents the wise choices of many alternatives." – Willa A. Foster

A lot of companies try to focus on all aspects of customer satisfaction and the customer experience, and yet they have neglected to provide the essential ingredient before satisfaction can really be attained: quality. If quality is missing, then all of the friendliest customer satisfaction efforts in the world will not change the inevitable exit.

Quality in the final product of any enterprise comes about as clearly as a delicious meal is created by closely following a time-honored and proven recipe. While many different products and services make up the actual profitable end of your business, the generic ingredients of this "quality recipe" can be applied to any business for good foundation to be built towards the achievement of the desired result.

Ingredient 1: High Intention

You have to intend to produce quality if you want to achieve it. If there is no intention to actually produce any measurable level of quality, then it is practically assured that the end product will be insufficiently lacking in quality, as well.

Ingredient 2: Sincere Effort

Quality is achieved by diligently doing your best each day. The one day that you are not achieving your best is the one day that could set in motion a series of events to frustrate the end result. Be sure you've always focused on doing the best with the tasks at hand with sincerity and diligence.

Ingredient 3: Intelligent Direction

Purposeful planning and thoughtfully overseeing the tasks of others ensures a continuous attention to quality. When you allow those around you to perform at a less-than-optimum level, a lack of excellence becomes contagious.

Ingredient 4: Skillful Execution

There is no substitute for exhibiting skill in the accomplishment of what is required of you. Find ways to improve your skills, and learn from those around you. The more skill you exhibit, the more valuable you become to yourself and to others. Do not allow mediocre performance to rob you of your best potential.

These combined ingredients produce ever-increasing levels of quality that can boost employee morale and improve your personal skillset. Most importantly, however, the customer receives the largest benefit, which can extremely provide you with more referred business.

Source by Steve Martorano