A Quick Look at the Sole E35 Home Elliptical Machine

Originally known for producing the kind of professional-quality treadmills, exercise bikes, and ellipticals that are found in gyms, Sole Fitness has been making a big push into the consumer market in recent years. Its initial efforts have been received with real enthusiasm, for the company’s well-known levels of quality were something that was often hard to find in home-based exercise machines. The Sole Fitness E35 elliptical machine has proven especially popular, in fact, for this and other reasons.

One gripe that many owners of consumer-level ellipticals have often brought up in the past has been that the machines felt flimsy, sometimes even to the point of seeming unsafe. That is no issue at all with the E35, for the machine is built in a rock-solid fashion that is directly reminiscent of the industrial-strength machines that are normally found in gyms and elsewhere where heavy usage is the norm.

The E35’s advantages extend further than that, however. The machine is designed from the ground up for exceptionally quiet operation, and it delivers on this promise in an impressive way. Top-quality bearings guide moving parts in virtual silence, and heavy-duty structural materials refuse to squeak or groan even under heavy load. This quietness of operation is a real asset for home users, as it means that they can enjoy workouts without worrying about waking or otherwise disturbing family members or neighbors.

The E35 also, of course, delivers a top-quality workout. It is designed with the well-understood principles of elliptical training firmly in mind, and its users can be confident that they are getting the kind of low-apparent-effort workouts that have made this form of exercise so popular over the years. Individually adjustable levels of resistance allow users to tailor their workouts to focus more on the upper or lower body, and advanced sensors and electronics allow them to study their results at a great level of detail. Even advanced users with high levels of fitness can easily benefit from the machine, in fact, as its adjustable levels of incline permit some truly grueling workouts to be dialed in as desired, even as beginners are likewise accommodated.