A Quick Update

A Quick Update

Hello, bakers! There was no school today because of snow, so I thought I would post about some of my more recent baking endeavors. Here they are:

3-Stage 90% Sourdough Rye

Sorry for the lack of a crumb shot; I’ll try to explain the crumb as best I can. It was pretty dense, probably because I underproofed a little, but not too bad. Still getting used to rye, I guess. The flavor was excellent; earthy, smooth, tangy, sweet, and something else I cant quite say. 


Whole wheat pan loaves

The crust on this bread was very interesting. It had almost a pretzel-like sheen to it; not quite sure why. I used some a cracked wheat soaker in it, and also used white whole wheat flour, because I was out of regular. Overall, a tasty bread with lots of uses.

Mixed flour miche (and batard)

This bake was really the same as the one in my last post, except I scored differently. Again, I retarded the final rise in the refrigerator; I find this makes the flavor complex and only very slightly tangy, because my starter is so mild. A very nice bread overall


Vegan Madeleines

Look at the humps! These were really tasty, especially dunked in espresso.


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Source: Fresh Loaf