A Review of the HCG Diet

Everyone wants to look and feel their best. When you are overweight, life becomes more difficult, in many ways. Aside from the many health issues being overweight causes, you can also experience problems with your self-esteem and ability to feel comfortable in social situations. Though there are many methods of weight loss, not all of these are effective for everyone. One recent diet plan that has been causing quite a stir, is the HCG diet. This diet has helped many people to be able to successfully overcome their weight loss issues, so they can be healthier and feel greater confidence. Reading this information can assist you in better understanding how this diet works and whether or not you should try it.

What Is the HCG Diet and How Does It Work?

HCG is the hormone women release when they are pregnant. Over the years, studies have been carried out on how this hormone is able to help both men and women lose weight, by resetting their metabolism. Today, people undergo the HCG diet, which involves injections, drops or even tablets containing this growth hormone. Along with taking the hormone, participants are also limited in their diet. The diet must be followed exactly, with no substitutions.

You will only be allowed to consume 500 calories a day, through drinking tea in the morning and then eating lunch and dinner. Each meal will contain a lean protein and one vegetable, fruit and bread. Those on the HCG program are also to drink copious amounts of water, at least two liters per day. Many people on this diet plan have been able to lose as much as one pound per day. The first eight weeks of the diet see the biggest drop in pounds, with ongoing weight loss occurring as long as the diet is followed precisely.

This diet plan is not for everyone. The very limited calories can make it difficult. Those who are able to stick with it find increased weight loss, energy and health. To start the HCG diet, you first need to find the best HCG diet drops to buy online. It also helps to research the diet as much as you can, so you can make a fully informed choice before you begin.