Active vrs Instant Yeast

Active vrs Instant Yeast

Submitted by dobie on October 11, 2015 – 6:55am.

In my search for dabrownman’s instructional on making Yeast Water (which I still can’t find, but I gotta figure he posted somewhere here), I have bumped into quite a few discussions regarding the differences between the two yeasts.

About 5 years ago I switched from Red Star Dry Active Yeast to Saf-T Instant Yeast (it takes me that long to go thru a 2 pound brick). I am now back using RS Dry Active. I find it has an almost ‘cheesy’ flavor compared to Instant that I prefer.

So many discussions say that Dry Active needs to be hydrated before adding to the recipe.

I have never done that, I just add it dry with the flour, etc. (no sugar). I’ve never experienced any problems, altho I might be ignorant of what problems I should be looking for.

Any thoughts or advice?

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