Adapting recipes for bread maker

Adapting recipes for bread maker

Submitted by terysav on October 15, 2015 – 10:57am.

I’m new to this site so- hello! 

Hoping for some advice. I have baked cakes for several years, venturing every now and then into the realm of bread. Recently my partner and I moved onto our boat, so we have just bought a bread machine to conserve gas, have bread available even when we’re sailing somewhere remote, and to reduce the amount of time the oven is on in the heat (the boat heats up very quickly! ). 

So I have all my baking books with some lovely recipes for cakes and breads, but my question is this: how do I adapt a conventional cake recipe for a bread maker? The bread recipes are probably more straightforward to adapt I imagine – or am I wrong there? Can I just use a ‘normal’ bread recipe and bung the ingredients in the bread maker?

I also love making cakes, especially cakes with fruit in them. There is a cake setting on my bread maker- could I just chuck in all the ingredients, select the cake setting,  press start, and voila? Or do I need to follow a specific ‘cakes in the bread maker’ recipe?

Wow, talk about a long winded and confusing question! Sorry. I could (and no doubt will!) experiment and figure all this out for myself but hoping for any tips to save me making obvious mistakes.