Adding cheese on top…?

Adding cheese on top…?

Submitted by MonkeyDaddy on December 10, 2015 – 7:27pm.

Adding cheese on top…?  If there’s anything I love as much as bread it’s cheese.

I’ve made several recipes where cheese is mixed into the dough, and that is simple enough.  But my wife and I were out Christmas shopping today and we stopped for lunch at Panera.  I asked to replace my customary chunk of baguette with a piece of their Asiago demi, and it reminded me of bagels I used to get with cheddar baked on top so thick it covered up the hole.  This got me to thinking…

When is the best time to add cheese to the top of a loaf?  The slash in the demi was wide open and well-developed underneath the cheese, so I’m guessing that the cheese is tossed over the loaf toward the end of the bake, after the crust is set.  Plus, I figure that 30-40 minutes at regular baking temperatures would not only turn fat-rich cheese to cinders, but set off the smoke alarm as well – so putting it on at the beginning seems like a mistake.

Anybody have any suggestions giving a loaf a cheesy top coat?