Advantages Of A Residential Therapeutic School For Troubled Teens

Life can be tough, especially for teenage girls coming from a less than perfect family environment. Sometimes a troubled family environment comes from the deeds of the parents, and other times though the parents have provided a safe and nurturing environment, the teen is troubled and wants nothing to do with the family and the security they offer. Either way it is a difficult predicament for everyone involved. Feelings of loss, anger, loneliness and heartbreak abound, with no simple solution to repair the situation. Fortunately, for some girls, a residential therapeutic school such as, Sedona Sky, is the answer they’ve been searching for. The school offers a safe and secure environment with strong academics and an excellent residential treatment center to offer the girls a second chance to heal and gain control of their lives.

Many girls who attend this school have had mediocre to poor academic success. Some are very competent yet have no motivation, others have missed so much school that they’re struggling and overwhelmed. They’d rather give up than push through to success. The challenge is to reach both type girls and all the others that fall somewhere inbetween. Many have been lost in the shuffle of traditional school. At Sedona Sky the classes are small. There are usually less than 15 students per class and the instructors are involved and want all the girls to succeed. For those struggling, many are surprised to find that they are able to catch up and even surpass their goals. These accomplishments give the girls motivation to continue to forge ahead to reach more successes and academic achievements in the future.

Residential therapy frequently involves horsemanship at Sedona Sky. This equine therapy teaches responsibility and gives a sense of accomplishment to the girls. Because the horses are their responsibility, they learn to become accountable for something other than themselves. The lessons learned with the horses are usually long lasting lessons that stay with the teen for quite a while, while establishing new guidelines for life.

The Sedona Sky Facebook page gives much information about the school and all that they offer to others. It’s conveniently located in Arizona where the climate is mild. The students enjoy hiking and camping in the area. Their excellent program helps teens to grow and mature and rebuild their lives, so that you can have your family back.