Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers Offer a Variety of Health Benefits

Many people do not consider the quality of the water that they drink. People often drink water directly out of the tap or natural sources. Unfortunately, sometimes natural sources of water may not be entirely safe to consume. In addition, the tap water in many places is considered hard water and may contain a lot of particulate matter or unpleasant tasting minerals. One way to make sure that you constantly have clean water available is to purchase an alkaline water pitcher.

What is an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

An alkaline water pitcher is a small portable pitcher that has its own filter to purify and alkalinize water. It can cause the pH of the water it filters to go up by two levels. In addition, it adds more oxygen to water and removes any metallic flavor that may be present due to hard water. It usually has a drip filter, meaning you fill it with water at the top so that it can run down through the filter on its own. The best alkaline water filter pitcher options can be in a variety of sizes and shapes, and many have colorful designs or extra features like filter usage gauges.

Why Buy an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

Having your own alkaline water pitcher offers many different benefits for health and convenience. You will be able to take your pitcher with you when you travel, so that you will always have fresh, clean water available. Drinking alkaline water is healthier for your body than drinking water that is lower in pH, as your body can begin to rob itself of nutrients if it is too acidic. In addition, alkaline water is more oxygenated and has fewer contaminating particles in it that more acidic water.

If you are ready to enjoy more clean and healthy water, you may want to invest in your own alkaline water filtering pitcher. Alkaline water is safer for you to drink than other water because it has less particulate matter contained in it. Also, alkaline water is healthier for your body than water with lower pH. Buy getting your own alkaline water pitcher, you will ensure that you have fresh, healthy water available wherever you go.