Am i doing it wrong?

Am i doing it wrong?


i have only recently started making my own bread to fill up the spare time i’ve been having recently. But it seems i’m running into some problems.
Every attempt thus far hasn’t been great and i’m getting a bit clueless as to where it went wrong. Every time my bread ends up being pretty dense and chewy (not bad tasting, but not light and well-baked as in the video tutorials i’ve seen up to this point). I’ve included some pictures of the end result.

Now, what i have noticed is that my dough never anything like in the videos (i.e. shiny, smooth and elastic). Instead, i’m often left with a dough that still has small “lumps” of dough in it, but i can never get that smooth dough, despite kneading consistently for 10 to 15 minutes.
I use the following ingredients (as instructed by a dutch recipe from home).

375g of bread flour
230ml water
8g salt
7.5g of yeast
5g of butter

I use Quick rise yeast (due to a lack of anything else in the country where i live atm). So what i end up doing is i mix the dry yeast directly with the flour, than add the salt and mix it some more. Following that, i add the (room temperature to almost molten) butter and slowly start adding the water while stirring the flour. I have also tried making a “flour valley” and pouring water little by little in the middle while adding flour. 
The first few tries i got a rather thick, dense and almost dry dough. Today, i tried adding a bit more water and it was somewhat better, but not a great deal.
After roughly 10 minutes of kneading, my dough still doesn’t look nor feel as elastic is it supposed to be, so i just put it to rise. It did actually double in size, so at least the yeast is working. Since i’ve read that quick rise yeast can and should only rise once, I just preheat the oven at 200° and leave it to bake for 30-40 minutes after the first rise. 
I do make a few cross incisions on the top to prevent bursting on the sides, and i also place a small bowl of water in the oven, under the loaf.

It ends up like this. As you can see it doesn’t look light inside and the bottom is also underbaked compared to the top (but that could be due to a rather unreliable oven though)

Any help is appreciated, 


Source: Fresh Loaf