Another (yawn) Pain au Levain

Another (yawn) Pain au Levain

Submitted by alfanso on August 10, 2015 – 7:28am.

My tendencies are to find and try to duplicate interesting breads coming from our talented lot of bakers on TFL.  But over time, especially quite recently, it is hard to not notice that there are a lot of folks who love to bake Jeffrey Hamelman’s Pain au Levain.  So the carrot was placed before the donkey and I took the bait too.

As the notes indicate, the stiff levain itself was quite rubbery and needed to be pulled into small pieces to facilitate incorporation into the autolysed flour & water.  The dough also felt dry to the touch, so I added a few grams of water here and there, probably bringing the total hydration up to ~70%,

Everything went along just dandy.  300 French Folds followed by two Letter Folds at 40 & 80 minutes and a final 40 minute bench rest before loading into the refrigerator for somewhere ~90 minutes.  Divide into 3 at ~500g, pre-shape and shape on the couche and back into the refrigerator for a long beddy-bye overnight.  Scored and baked directly from the retard.

I’ve yet to taste or cut into them, as they are destined for others (and me!).

steam released and rotated after 15 minutes

Crumb shot added