Apple, walnut cream cheese filling, for a rainy weekend

Apple, walnut cream cheese filling, for a rainy weekend

Submitted by Skibum on September 6, 2015 – 5:14pm.

Well friends, I enjoyed the berry cream cheese version of Floyd’s Blueberry Cream Cheese Braid so much, I tried a new filling version first suggested by scarlett75 in July of ’05. This is a really great filling for this bread! 

Again I used pulla dough, brushed with a double egg wash after proofing and sprinkled with sugar/cinnamon, then some more sprinkled sugar.

A really nice filling variation on an excellent recipe!!!

I am wondering about savory variations. Perhaps a non sweet dough with an Italian tomato gravy, fresh mozzarella and Italian pizza cold cuts would work. Has anyone tried this???

On this holiday weekend, it has been raining for two day and nights straight, with snow on the lawn in this mountain town this morning. A good time to stay in my kitchen and bake. Here is yesterday’s pulla from my now fave formula:

So today I had the pleasure of mixed berry cream cheese bread, pulla and apple, walnut cream cheese bread with a double shot of expresso coffee. Heaven!!!

Happy baking! Ski