Baby steps – an experiment

Baby steps – an experiment

Submitted by leslieruf on September 9, 2015 – 2:05am.


bought some wheat berries, sprouted then dried them and decided to use them in Forkish’s Country Blonde instead of whole wheat.  I used whole wheat in the levain but ground the dried sprouted wheat berries in my coffee grinder 🙂 and used them in the dough. 4x slap & fold followed by 4 x S&F and the overnight  bulk ferment on the bench. Dough doubled but only just by morning (bench temperature this morning was 9°C) so I shaped proofed, slashed and baked in DO.  very happy with the outcome.  Made one 750 gm batard (top photo) and 2 smaller 500 gm ones.

 I have noticed that when I do 1 slash down middle of batard, dough seems to spread more than I like so with the smaller ones I did 1 centre slash and one with 2 diagonal ones.  

Interestingly the loaf with the diagonal slashes has bloomed more in height and less in width whereas the other has spread more.  Is this normal? or do I need to get better gluten development?

A question too re sprouted grain flour.  I only had a small  amount in my dough admittedly, but if I increased the percentage would it bulk ferment faster?  do I need to change hydration?

quite pleased with my bake though but as ever, there are always more questions.