Bali’s Distinctive and Unique Strains of Yoga and Hinduism

For many years, Bali, Indonesia, has enchanted outsiders with its natural beauty and unique cultural atmosphere. The world’s practitioners of Hinduism are largely concentrated in what is today India, along with neighboring countries, giving much of Hindu practice around the world a cohesive feel that varies relatively little with region. Bali stands as an exception, then, in that the Hinduism practiced there by the majority of Indonesia’s adherents who live there stands, appropriately enough, as something of an island in the world of that religion.

That has important implications even for those who are not interested in Hinduism per se. As the practice of yoga has increasingly become mainstream around the world, for example, more and more who of those who experience it begin looking for ways to trace what they have learned to its roots. India itself, the birthplace of Hinduism and of yoga, is a popular destination for these seekers, and many find that the ancient cultures of that vast country have much to offer.

Another attractive destination, naturally enough, is Bali itself. Separated from the source of Hinduism and of yoga by a literal ocean, the island has contributed its own unique character to the religion and lifestyle as practiced there. Balinese Hinduism and the yoga that is an integral part of it, then, makes for a special experience for those looking to learn more.

Given the attractiveness of the learning opportunities to be found on the island, a number of tour operators and guides have sprung up to make it as easy as possible for outsiders to take advantage of them. At, for example, those interested in learning yoga as practiced on Bali can sign up for in-depth, month-long excursions to the country, where they will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in it for hours every day.

This can be a spectacular way of coming to appreciate what Balinese yoga has to offer, as well as to become better versed in yoga in general. Those who complete such programs, for example, are often awarded certifications that mark them as qualified to teach others, something that can be either a nice bonus or sufficient reason to make the trip to begin with.