Basic questions

Basic questions

I am a novice and just started baking, have some questions:


(a) I have regular 32lt convection home oven normally when I preheat it, in auto mode it preheats in around 2-3 minutes, is this pre heating time enough or should be more for home baked breads.

(b) If I put more yeast, will the rise be more (air pockets) I use 2% of flour.

(c) If I keep the dough to rise/ferment for more time like 24 hours , will the rise be less as after some time the air inside will move out? As I see after some time of rise it sags again.

(d) Will more heat during rise give good rise like in direct sun 45 degrees?

(e) During baking the bread at 200 degrees, does the bread further rise or the rise during proofing is almost final? Coz I dont c any further rise during actual baking.


I know these are too basic but after going thru most part of the forum and working I am still unable to make good whole wheat bread. Please pardon. Thanx

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