Beginner problem with a diabetic friendly bread being wet

Beginner problem with a diabetic friendly bread being wet

I am using a Zojiroushi machine and trying to make a diabetic friendly bread.  I found a recipe that works well, but the taste is not very good so I have made some changes.  The problem is that no matter what I seem to change, it comes out too wet inside (especially near the bottom center) and dense.  Dense is not horrible but the wetness is.  I have to lightly toast every slice to dry it out.  This last loaf tastes great and is a bit better, but still too wet.  (I had cut the water by 1/4 cup and the the oil by 1 tablespoon to get the recipe shown below which I just used.) I am almost ready to give up.  To help, I use the regular cycle with a medium crust.  (the Whole wheat cycle always comes out worse.)  Not thing I notice is that the dough ends up in a ball which, I question if it is getting kneaded enough.  The recipe is basically this:

1 1/2 c water

3 eggs

1T butter

1T olive oil

5 T Splenda

1t sugar 

1t salt

3/4 c soy flour

3/4 c dark rye flour

1 3/4 c vital wheat gluten

1T each Flax seed meal, chia seeds, caraway seeds

2 t lecithin

1 t lemon juice

1/2 vitamin C pill

1 packet of yeast (SAF or Red Star)

pinch of ginger

Source: Fresh Loaf