Bread in the grill.

Bread in the grill.

Submitted by STUinlouisa on July 12, 2015 – 11:09am.

This bread is a continuation of trying to perfect a technique of baking in a Kamado style but metal grill. The bread is also an experiment because of using a high percentage of old dough something I’ve never done before (had a left over ball of natural leavened pizza dough). I know I really need to concentrate on one thing at a time but can’t seem to help myself.


315g old dough ( 40% fresh ground white wheat 60% KA AP)

125g active starter

200g water

35g fresh ground Rye

35g fresh ground Einkorn

230g KA AP

10g salt

Combine the water, old dough and starter in a bowl stirring to breakup old dough and starter. Add the other flours and mix  till a shabby dough forms. Make a depression in the center of the blob and add the salt and just enough water to start dissolving it. Let sit for 20 minutes then do pinch and folds to distribute the salt and give the gluten a bit of workout. Form a ball and cover. Do S&F every ten minutes four times cover and let ferment. Went fast due to warm temps and active dough. Form  boule and place in rice floured cloth lined banneton let double and put in fridge while preheating grill and stone  to 500F.  Flip the boule onto a rice flour dusted peel and score, or in my case attempt to score, then scoot it onto the stone and cover with a stainless steel mixing bowl. Turn down the vents on the grill to start cooling it. Bake for 15 minutes and remove the bowl. Turn down vents even more. Bake another 15 minutes.  Final temp in grill was 410F.

 Just cut and tasted the bread. It has the hole structure and creamy crumb of a Tartine style loaf and was not sour like I thought it might be.

It was a pretty successful bake (luck) the only improvements needed are a better top crust and better scoring technique.

Next time I’ll try preheating a DO bottom using it as the lid, scoring can only get better.

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