Bread tin frustration

Bread tin frustration


I’m increasingly frustrated by bread tin sizes so much so that I’ve done a mini study of (supposed) 2lb loaf tins.

You’ve probably noticed that manufacturers usually show the external dimensions of tins. While these are obviously easier to measure they are of little use since many tins have lips or handles which increases the dimensions. However, many do state that their tins are either 1lb, 2lb or 3lb.

So I’ve looked at 2lb bread tins and where available I’ve used internal dimensions or otherwise measured them myself.
Measurements are in centimeters, volumes in litres.

My main Tin:
L: 24.5
W: 12
H: 7.5
Volume: 2

My new non-stick tin:
L: 21.5
W: 11.25
H: 6.5
V: 1.4

Hollywood’s recommended tin size:
L: 24
W: 14
H: 7.5
V: 2.5 (my calculation)

Prestige Create:
W: 11
H: 6
V: 1.5 (my calculation)

Prestige Inspire:
L: 23
V: 2.1 (my calculation)

The Prestige tins were particularly puzzling since they are both listed as 2lb tins but with a significant size difference.
I contacted them about this and they apologized, saying that the website sizes were incorrect and should be:

Prestige Create:
W: 14
H: 8
V: 3.4 (my calculation)

Prestige Inspire:
L: 24
W: 14.5
H: 7
V: 2.4 (my calculation)

Now of course I realise that most tins are not straight sided and usually have a smaller bottom area than top.
With my tins I’ve taken this into account and adjusted the calculations accordingly.

However, as the above shows, the volume of a 2lb loaf varies widely.

In my experience this results in a less than perfect loaf.


Source: Fresh Loaf