Calling All Bread Wonks!

Calling All Bread Wonks!

Submitted by Pericles on October 8, 2015 – 7:09am.


As I was flipping through my news feeds today, I came across this article in the Jerusalem Post:

Low-calorie bread Catch-22 (Link below)

It is written by Master baker Les Saidel of the Saidel Artisan Baking Institute. The article is written with confidence and authority. However, there were some statements that took me by surprise based on the science. I am not a scientist, or a bread genius — I am just a baker — but I wonder if some of the presented information jumps out at any of my learned colleagues here on TFL.

So, I do not want to reveal exactly what it is that I am questioning, and quite frankly, everything in this article may be correct — I think some of it is — but please if you have a moment, read this short article and let me know if anything seems odd… or new.