Candida Albicans Sourdough Starter? (Just for fun)

Candida Albicans Sourdough Starter? (Just for fun)

Submitted by yy on November 24, 2015 – 11:45am.

First, a disclaimer:

There is no intention here of triggering a political debate or offending anyone. I just found this story entertaining and worth sharing.

There’s a blogger who seeded a sourdough starter with her own yeast infection (NSFW language and content, but no explicit photos):

I’m skeptical that her starter is really going to be primarily colonized by candida albicans yeast. I”d bet that after a few days, the usual lactobacilli and wild baking yeasts would take over. Part of me is rooting for her to succeed in her experiment because I’m curious how the bread will taste. She probably doesn’t plan to scientifically confirm the cultures she’s got going in that starter. She’s yet to make the actual bread, but I’ll be staying tuned :-).