Celebrity Weddings Often Lead to Home Decorating

Due to the popularity of the ceremony, wedding photographers are busy all year round. Frankly, we can’t understand why a celebrity couple would choose not to get married. Happily, it happens frequently, and we would be remiss not to keep you on top of nuptial news.

·       Vero Beach, Florida: Country singer Jake Owen was pulled over by the local police for unruly conduct arising from too much partying at a Cinco de Mayo blowout. Within 48 hours, he was standing at the altar with Lacey Buchanan. That must have been one hell of party, huh Jake? Wonder how they will decorate their new home.

·       Nashville, Tennessee: If you like the music of Lady Antebellum, then you are familiar with Charles Kelly, Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott. Well, Dave, 29, decided to tie the knot with his girlfriend, 30-year-old Kelli Cashiola. David Barnes sang during an outdoor ceremony. He’ll be paying big bucks for a complete redesign of their Nashville abode.

·       New York: Perhaps Dave Haywood got into the marrying mood following the marriage of Lady Antebellum band mate Hillary Scott, 25, to drummer Chris Tyrell last January. You can watch all the details on the Lady Antebellum website. We do, over and over again.

·       Turks and Caicos: Your parents probably remember Bryan Ferry, who is 66 now. The old Roxy Music pop icon got married to Amanda Sheppard, 29, the ex-girlfriend of Ferry’s son! Sick or sensational – you decide! At least she will have plenty of energy to redecorate their love castle.

·       Los Angeles, California: Judy Greer is a big star on The Descendants. Dean Johnson is a producer on Real Time with Bill Maher. The two got married at the LA Athletic Club in front of Bill Maher, Sarah Chalke, Jason Biggs and Rashida Jones. We’ve got a good feeling about this one – they’ve already spent a lot of time in Florida interior decorating their new vacation mansion.

·       Beverly Hills, California: That fabulous Backstreet Boy, A.J. Mclean got down with Deanna Karidis at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He proposed to her when he was onstage in Las Vegas giving a concert. So sweet!

·       Las Vegas, Nevada: They make an odd-looking couple, but they couldn’t be happier. It’s Sinead O’Conner, Pope-hating pop singer and Barry Herridge. The bride wore pink and let some of her hair grow in. We doubt she is interested in fancy home decorating, but we could be wrong.

·       Los Angeles, California: Lisa Ann Russell used to be married to Mark-Paul Gosselaar, but we all know how that turned out. Lisa gathered her courage and tied the knot with Survivor host Jeff Probst, who many mistook for her father. Oops!

·       Las Vegas, Nevada: You know Catt Sadler from her work as a E! News personality. She married British film producer Rhys David Thomas, “for love”. How refreshing!