Challenges and Success from my UK baking

Challenges and Success from my UK baking

Hello everyone:  I have been off-the-grid for some time while I was traveling, as we don’t have the best internet access when we are in the UK.  I will have to catch up on everyone’s bread posts while I was away.

My visit got off to a rough start when I saw that my starter that I left in the UK for a couple of months (carried over from California several years ago), had gone off, for the most part.  I have never had this happen before.  I had several different jars of starter and most were bad with strange mold.  The one that survived was pure AP flour. I find that the white flour starter lasts much better for long periods than the mix of ww, rye and white that I usually keep as well.  I always have several starters  on hand for this reason.  I slowly built up the AP starter into several different containers and starting my UK baking after the second day of feeding.  Unfortunately, I got sick right after I arrived in the UK and spent the vast majority of the trip resting.  About the only thing I did do was bake as I had to stay in. Unfortunately, when I wasn’t feeling well a few batches of dough were over-proofed and had to be tossed.

I baked quite a bit for family and friends, and made David’s San Joaquin baguettes twice and they turned out well.

I made my classic sourdough loaf a number of times, in both boule and batard form.

I gave most of the bread away, as well as making sure my husband had plenty of fresh bread! 

We just got back last night, so I have to get my starter going here back in California and get back to baking.  Look forward to catching up on everyone’s bakes over the next few days.  Best,  Phyllis

Source: Fresh Loaf