Cheaty corn tortillas with VWG

Cheaty corn tortillas with VWG

Submitted by Shai on November 19, 2015 – 12:38pm.

Hello all,

Well it’s the pick of avocado season and there is a limit to how much toast with avocado one can eat (well, maybe not). So I’m craving some tasty fresh tortillas to eat with it.

The problem is that I have no access to any good (or even edible) tortillas and no masa harina to be found. To my understanding, one cannot use regular corn flour to make tortillas, as the dough won’t hold. Many call for mixing corn and wheat flour, but I’m not a fan of wheat tortillas and don’t want to dilute the corn flavor. 

Since the reason you need to add wheat flour is for it’s gluten content, iv’e bean thinking of using vital wheat gluten instead, since it’s concentrated, I can use less of it.
Starting with a ratio of 1:1 corn to wheat, and assuming 10% protein content in the wheat flour, it figures we want around 5% of it in the final product (sounds right to me, since we don’t want it to be too chewy). VWG is 75% protein, so we want 6-7% of it in the final flour bland.

I know that it won’t have the same texture as pure corn tortillas, but I’m fine with that as long as it tastes good.

So what I think of doing is:

  • 93% fine corn flour
  • 7% VWG
  • 65% water (not sure about this amount, any suggestions?)
  • 5% butter (again, not sure if the amount is good – and no lard or shortening for me, please)
  • 2% salt
  • (maybe some baking soda? I’m not sure)


So what do you think? Probably going to try it next week.