Cleaning a Coffee Maker

Coffee maker has always been the best alternative of the working people every morning, people like us. This ingenious tool enables us to prepare coffee efficiently. However, the longer we use it, the more the taste of the coffee is being disturbed. In order to avoid this incident, it is necessary for us to clean our coffee makers at least once a month or regularly. I'm going to teach you the basic steps of cleaning the coffee maker.

For a moderately used maker, once or twice a month of simple cleaning is enough to maintain it. However, for a rigid used machine, you need some vinegar and cold water. First you must remove the filter from the filter basket. You can clean the filter separately or even better replace it with a new one once a month. Next, fill a quarter of the reservoir with vinegar and fill the rest of it with cold water. Others make use of a 1: 1 ratio on the water and vinegar solution. Some preferred 1: 2 vinegar to water ratio. The specification of the solution is not really necessary but it depends on your preference. Allow it to run for 10 minutes or half the brewing process. You can run it longer if there are lots of oil and hard water deposits in your coffee maker. Afterward let it cool down and repeat the process until the reservoir is empty. If this process is not enough to remove the sediments, repeat the process using a stronger ratio of vinegar to water. Run the it again but this time use only plain water. Repeat this process in ten minutes interval until the odor of the vinegar solution eliminated. This rinsing process also removes most of the impurities in the coffee maker.

Cleaning the other components such as the carafe, filter basket, warm plate and the main body of the machine can be done though using cloth. If you want to thoroughly clean these parts, you can use baking soda. They say four table spoon per water pot is ideal. You can cleanse the carafe and the filter basket with hot water to sterilize them. These components often times got stains on them so you need some detergents to remove them. Extremely used coffee maker also needs to be cleaned with decalcifying products or better be replaced. Making sure to clean the coffee maker regularly can improve the efficiency of the machine.

It is essential to us in time management. Thus, it would be beneficial to us if we treat them properly and clean them regularly. Having a well-maintained coffee maker can ensure the best taste and quality of the coffee. This taste will affect our drive for the rest of the day. Having a good quality coffee means having a good performance and a better mood for the day.

Source by Jolene Hendrick