Cold retarding timing help..

Cold retarding timing help..

Hi Everyone.. last week I made the FWSY recipe for 50% whole wheat with biga… i learned that my room temp was too high and the overnight bulk fermentation went too far and over proofed (?) my dough..

Based on everyone’s feedback I’m going to try and cold retard the dough overnight. Here’s my question. I have the option of putting the dough in my fridge (probably about 35 – 40 degrees) or in a cold cellar that sits at a pretty constant 55 degrees..

Which environment would be better (of course the dough would be covered) and for how long. The recipe calls for 12 – 14 hours of bulk fermentation..

I’m tempted to go with 55 degrees for the same 12 hours or so and see how it goes.. do you think the flavour would suffer much if that’s too cold versus a room at 65 – 70?

In advance, thank you for the advice!!!

Source: Fresh Loaf