Counter surface

Counter surface

“Artisan Baking” is probably not the prescribed subcategory for my question, but ultimately it is a question about making great bread at home.

We’re planning to remodel the kitchen, and in doing so I will get dedicated counter space for preparing bread.  Here’s the question: what is the best surface material? 

I see pro bakeries about equally divided between butcher block and stainless steel.  In our case, the other work surfaces in the kitchen will probably be quartz.  Is there any reason that quartz would be inferior to stainless steel or butcher block for our work?   If I have a dedicated surface, should I choose wood, steel, or quartz?

Currently, when I shape my loaves or knead a high-hydration dough, I throw a Silpat over our soon-to-be-discarded formica countertop.

Thanks for advice!






Source: Fresh Loaf