Croissants, Al dente

Croissants, Al dente

Until lately, my croissants come out with a bread resistance so to speak.
I get very good separation of layers so it is not the consistency of bread but the bite is not as good as Shop Rite croissants.

For al-dente, I want to bite into the croissant and have it soft and mostly unbroken until the last moment
when many layers break.

Is it just fine tuning of my technique or am I missing a step or two?  The best bite I have found so far is to defrost the croissants covered overnight, place them onto a cold counter-top convection and bake at 400d for 20 minutes.  Fresh out of the oven is not good enough but thoroughly cooled improves it.

I tried many pre-heated oven techniques but this seems to be the best.



Source: Fresh Loaf