Dabrownman, I had some questions about…

Dabrownman, I had some questions about…

Submitted by MonkeyDaddy on November 29, 2015 – 4:38am.

Dabrownman, I had some questions about your http://www.thefreshloaf.com/node/43380/lucy%E2%80%99s-favorite-methods-make-healthy-and-beautiful-bread post:

Key point 4. Make sourdough bread and use less pre-fermented flour to do it.  And Key point 6. …  Create recipes that have low pre-fermented flour amounts…  

  • If you’re seeding your pre-ferment with a starter culture (no commercial yeast), and the concept is that the biochemical changes in the flour as a result of fermentation are beneficial healthwise, then why is it advantageous to have less pre-fermented flour in the recipe?

Key point 5. Sift your milled whole grain and use the sifted out 15-20% hard bits to feed the levain.

  • What size sieve do you use in order to retain approximately 15-20% of a given whole grain milling?  

And in the recipe: http://www.thefreshloaf.com/node/43300/double-levain-sprouted-4-grain-sourdough-seeds you write After slashing it went into the oven on the bottom stone and covered with the bottom of  a heavy aluminum turkey roaster.  After 20 minutes of steam the lid came off and the bread finished baking under convection to dry it out.

  • Did you steam the oven while the turkey roaster was over the loaf, or are you referring to the steam the loaf would naturally produce inside the roaster?  Also, was the roaster preheated?
  • In the formula, the Levain builds each show a total of 67g for a total of 134g combined.  Does that mean that you did 3 builds of each levain at 22g each, for a total of 67g, or did you build more then remove all but 67g?
  • When doing your levain builds did you follow the temperature recommendations from the Detmolder link you provided?  And with regard to the build times, were the builds roughly 3.3 hours apart for a total of 10 hours, or were they 10 hours apiece?

For the sprouted 4-grain mix, I have not progressed in my baking far enough to justify to my wife the cost of a grain mill.  However, in another thread a poster mentioned that for small quantities a coffee grinder can work pretty well.  How much grain exactly is 150g going to be?  Am I going to be spending hours feeding a coffee grinder a tablespoon or two of grain at a time, or will it just take a few minutes?  Also, would using a coffee grinder affect the sieve size I asked about above?

I’ve been trying to figure out your timeline on this bake.  With the sprouting of the grain taking 2-3 days, then having to dry and mill it, the levain builds, and the long retards, my rough guesstimate is that it took you close to a week to make this bread.  Am I close?

Sorry to be so literal in my interpretation of your information, but your loaf looked so amazing and I really like seedy bread (sorry you and your daughter weren’t that impressed after all that work).  I’d really like to give this bread a try and I’ve always been a “know everything you can before you start” kind of guy.