Daughter Struggling Through The Teen Years – Get Help At A Therapeutic Boarding School

There is no doubt that the teen years are difficult for many. For teen aged girls dealing with issues such as drug or substance abuse, attention deficit disorder or mental health issues like anxiety, depression or oppositional defiance disorder, sometimes additional assistance is needed. This assistance can come in many forms, but sometimes the most beneficial form is that of a therapeutic boarding school, such as Sedona Sky Academy. Here, they help teenagers gain control of their lives and become aware of their actions and the consequences that may follow. Through both their residential treatment and therapeutic academic programs, they help the girls learn to rebuild their lives through accountability, honesty, emotional control and self awareness. By conquering the challenges in life, these girls will learn how to survive and thrive in a sometimes difficult world.

The residential treatment program focuses on both horsemanship and the healing of the family. By integrating the two, the girls learn through horsemanship, mutual trust and respect. These two issues are important while working with the horses and also in the healing and and rebuilding of their family. Because horses mirror the emotions surrounding them, the girls learn to gain control of their emotions and become accountable for the care and well being of their horse. The lessons learned about the horses and their behaviors helps to create a bridge that allows therapy to progress and move on the next level.

Academically many of these girls may be struggling. Not because they aren’t capable, but because they believe they aren’t. Here, at Sedona Sky, classes are small with less than 15 girls to a class. Lessons are traditional with additional focus on college prep, if applicable. With constructive time set aside each day after lunch for homework, study time or tutoring from the teacher, success is real, and most girls reach goals they never thought possible.

School information is readily accessible by reviewing the Sedona Sky Academy Facebook page. Sedona Sky has helped many girls and their families when there was no where else to turn. This school doesn’t just save the teen, it can save an entire family.