Dealing With A Troubled Teen? An Art Focused Residential Academy May Be The Answer

Growing up is hard. There are many challenges that must be faced, and for some teens it’s more than they can handle on their own. For those dealing with emotional, social or behavioral issues, and are not successful living at home, there may be an option. The teens may thrive in a residential treatment center that couples academics with creative therapies such as music, art, drama and dance. These creative therapies can become an outlet, allowing the teens to express their feelings and challenges in a non threatening way, so they may gain insight and control over their fears and emotions.

Removing the troubled teens from their environment and placing them in a stable, self contained and safe setting encourages independence and strength, while at the same time removes them from harmful influences they may encounter at home. By providing various art therapies, the teens are encouraged to express themselves with creative outlets. This self expression helps to resolve many harmful behaviors and allows the teen to learn a way to communicate in a safe, non hostile environment. They essentially can lose themselves and become fully immersed in their self expression, gaining valuable insight to their dilemmas and the difficult situations they face.

Many of these teens have either given up with school or fallen behind, though they are extremely bright. Because of the emotional issues and the academic failures they have dealt with, many have lost their love of learning. A therapeutic residential academy, such as Lava Heights Academy, has the goal of reigniting the student’s love of learning. This is done through many hands on activities, allowing the students to immerse themselves in lessons that engage and challenge and make them want to learn more. The students are allowed to move forward on their own level, at their own pace, achieving success each step of the way. These successes make learning more enjoyable and show the teens that success is not only possible, but probable.

It’s easy to learn more about this unique school at Here you’ll see the amazing transformations that occur by allowing teens the opportunity to be heard and express themselves in a safe and appropriate manner. Likewise, with proper academic encouragement, the teens are able to meet and surpass goals and challenges they’ve set for themselves, allowing them a chance to achieve success in all facets of their life.