Deflated dough after scoring

Deflated dough after scoring

Ok so go gentle as I am new to this pastime. I have been trying to get better at a basic white loaf. Original attempts with60% hydration appeared to form too stiff a dough with little elasticity despite 10mins kneading.

Tried 66% hydration which was very sticky but appeared better, I let raise for 90mins room temp then knocked back and shaped for loaf tin. After proofing for 1 hr in the loaf tin I went to score the surface. The dough deflated like a balloon. 

I baked anyway but bread appears rubbery, dense and has small hole structure. 


Does the deflation on scoring suggest under or over proofing. Or is it not as simple as that. I did:


Mix all dry stuff

Add warm water

Knead for 10 min

Rise to double 90mins

Knock back shape and proof for 1 hr

SCored and cooked for 10 mins mAx 30mins 180 deg



Any initial thoughts really appreciated



Source: Fresh Loaf