Dieting and Your Teeth

Fosomax and Tums

Osteoporosis, weak bones, and calcium deficiency has women supplementing their diet. Although calcium is essential for healthy bones – women should be careful to choose calcium supplements like Sugarfree Tums. Even with these sugarless tablets it is best to brush your teeth after chewing these tablets.

The Frequent Nibbler

This is the most common and most damaging style of dieting that we encounter. In an effort to control one’s appetite, the frequent nibbler has developed a very effective diet habit. Instead of having large portions of high fat foods, they will have many small crackers or even fruits throughout the day. Pregnant women who get nauseous when they eat large meals are forced to eat many small meals. On Weight Watchers, 6 Melba toast = 1 bread or 6 saltines = 1 bread. Many of our patients find it very satisfying to keep a pack of crackers or pretzels or other starchy snack in their pocketbook. This allows them to eat the crackers one at a time over a period of several hours. As far as their calorie count, they only had one 1 bread… As far as their teeth, they have given their teeth 6 separate meals. Each time they have one of these mini meals the bacteria converts the small meal into tooth-destroying acid and bone destroying toxins.

Coffee, Tea, Soda or Water with lemon

Another famous diet habit especially for men is the continuous consumption of coffee or tea with sugar. Realizing that regular soda is loaded with sugar, some of our patients drink diet soda all day! They don’t realize that diet soda is high in acid. A favorite aid for the serious dieter is hot or cold water with lemon. We have seen many of you with sever erosion of teeth. These acids are strong enough to melt away the hard enamel covering of your teeth forever. This erosion is not reversible. Once you’ve lost the enamel, it’s gone.

The Candy Man and the Candy Lady

Every 3-year-old that comes to our office will tell you – if you eat too much candy you get cavities. Unfortunately for many of our adult patients they forget that important rule. Many of our patients use sucking candies similar to the way that others use pretzels or crackers. They will keep a pack or handful in their purse or sports jacket. The candy companies are notorious for misleading you right into a ROOTCANAL. If you go into the candy shop you’ll find “Low Calorie – Anne Raskins”. Sorry! These candies are all sugar. It’s only because sugar is relatively low in calories that they can fool you. Another fooler are the “Seven Calorie Candies.” You guessed it, 100% sugar. Remember RICOLA Cough drops, Luden’s, Smith brothers and all the other “medicated” cough drops and “breath mints are all pure sugar!

It’s not only Gummy Bears that stick to your teeth

Things that stick to your teeth have more time to do damage. We have spoken to many “health-wise” mothers who send their children to school with raisins, dried fruit or “all natural” Fruit Leather. These snacks really stick. Starchy foods are also sticky in a different way. Because they are pasty, foods such as crackers, dry breakfast cereal, and other carbohydrates will stick to the biting surface and between the teeth.

We Like these ideas from the plans:

1. Stop eating by 7 PM or as early as possible in the evening. Many adults spend their entire evening “nibbling”.

2. Eat breakfast like a king, Eat lunch like a Queen, eat dinner like a Pauper.

3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. In NYC the tap water is fluoridated. Fluoride is one of the main reasons that so many of the children we see are growing up without any cavities. In New Jersey where most of our patients drink only bottled water it is a good idea to supplement your fluoride. (Ask us.)

Some Diet Guidelines to save your teeth:

1. Control the frequency of snacking. Remember: Carbohydrates are O.K. It’s the frequency of nibbling that is doing the damage. If you must nibble… be sure to brush and floss afterwards.

2. Foods that stick to your teeth have more time to do damage. If you do eat these sticky or pasty foods such a s raisins, candies, crackers, pretzels, dry cereal, and other similar food try to clean your mouth afterwards.

3. Never go to bed without brushing and flossing (or using Rotopoints). The bacteria and the food stuck to your teeth causes much damage.

4. Don’t give your teeth a SUGAR BATH”. When you such on sucking candies you are bathing your teeth in sugar. For a candy treat, we like “People Pops” or “People Drops” because they taste good and really don’t promote tooth decay. Plus they have no Nutrasweet or Sorbitol.

5. Sugarless Gum really does work to reduce the acidity after you eat. It doesn’t have to be Trident. Any sugarless gum will effectively reduce the acidity after eating.

6. Don’t Fool yourself, read this article, get regular checkups, brush, floss and take your teeth seriously.

Source by Jacques Doueck