diy out door pizza oven plans and ideas

diy out door pizza oven plans and ideas

Hello all, Was hoping someone has experience with a brick “style” pizza oven as far as plans and material. My idea is to build a rectangle base of cinder blocks and a floor of unglazed tile or fire brick. I would like to not work with any adhesive or mortar In the actually cooking area. A few of my ideas is to cover all but the ceiling in the tile or brick…. The ceiling would remain cinder block or I could line it with tin? Another thing I thought of was having a fire box on the side which would be brick, tile or tin lined.   


Obviously safety first, What would be the safest route as far as food contamination and burning of chemicals ect, The idea I got in my head will be solid I built a cinder block fire pit and sitting area that turned out very nice for the budget. But when it comes to Cooking and consuming food I’m a little lost.


So guess I’m asking the safest way to line the inner part of the oven, will the outer cinder block have any risk as far as tge cooking of the food?


Fire inside or a side fire box?


Fire brick, tile or tin for the box, floor walls and ceiling? I would even go as far as lining it and buying actual pizza bricks for the cooking if there isn’t a safe alternative. I also plan on building a grill this spring of cinder block, tin pan and grate, I could also just put stones on there but I’m guessing without the roof it will not be the same.


Thanks for your ideas and help…. Glad I came across this site. I did a lot of searching and there is not much out there for diy and a budget.

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