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Tips in Performing Effective Consumer Research For the past years, most companies in various industries are conducting consumer research and the process for this research were expensive and tedious and the results or the outcome might not be that accurate if the methods or strategies applied are not appropriate for the study. With the advent of technology that we have now, there are endless possibilities that are also accurate wherein the companies can conduct their market research to be able to be profitable and to survive the competition in the industry. There are two types of consumer researches that some companies can conduct on their consumer market and these are the primary and secondary market and these methods can be done by the company through the use of the internet which is very convenient. If the company opt to have fast and accurate results from primary research on their target market, they can use the instant community for their online primary research to be able to gather results in a fast phase. The use of the polls and surveys are also applicable for those companies who would want to get fast and accurate results from their consumers because these polls or surveys are just simple questions that consumers can answer in a quick manner. The use of the various social media channels are very popular now a day and almost all kinds of market are using this kind of medium that is why most companies are using this channel also to conduct research.
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Most companies are using social media channels to create or to conduct online primary research because they can establish a group of consumers wherein they can get better and accurate results in a fast manner as compare to other mediums. The online focus group discussion is very possible for the company to use in their consumer research now a day because of the use of the internet which makes for everyone so convenient to discuss things online.
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The use of the keyword search in various platform through the use of the internet is also used by most companies in researching on their consumers and this is under the secondary online research that some companies conduct in order to know the interests and what’s famous in the market. Included also in the online secondary research is searching for public records that are related to their consumer research so that the company can also get statistics and other data especially in terms of quantitative data that they need to produce certain strategies or marketing plan.