Electric Motor Experts — KitchenAid K5A Modification

Electric Motor Experts — KitchenAid K5A Modification

 Electric motor experts:

This is a jam only I could get myself into. Someone posted a modification for the Hobart-era KitchenAid K5A mixer on a Yahoo group devoted to electric mixers. It replaces the speed control on the K5A with a more modern speed control for the later-model K5SS. Sounds like a worthwhile modification.

The problem is this. The K5A wiring diagram shows a grreen wire coming from the left brush and going to one side of a switch for AC power. In his instructions, the O.P. wires the black lead of the power cord directly to the AC switch. The other side of that switch goes to the phase control board; the switch is thus in series with the black lead of the power cord. In the mixer, the green wire from the left brush is joined to a wire connected to one side of the switch by means of a wire nut. To connect this switch to the phase control board, the wire nut must be removed and replaced with a push-on terminal. What then becomes of the wire from the left brush which is now disconnected? In the K5A schematic it goes to one side of the wirewound resistor when the power switch is closed.

For this reason his modification istructions aren’t making sense to me so I figured I would post here. I have posed this question on the Yahoo board but I don’t know if or when the author of this modification will be back with an answer. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Many thanks in advance for any help. Hopefully you can download his instructions here:


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