Excellent Cooling Racks

Excellent Cooling Racks

Submitted by Wannabe on August 16, 2015 – 2:20am.

Soooooooo grateful for this Fresh Loaf community. I stumbled onto y’all about a year ago from Peter Reinhart’s reference in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice. Now after countless hours of reading, a few hundred bucks invested, you have immersed me into a world that I have never known before. THANK YOU!!!!

A few weeks ago I visited my local farmer’s market and was impressed to see someone selling her artisan breads. My brain hilt tilt considering how long  it would take to produce so much through my home oven. Regardless of how she does it, she is a courageous and–no doubt–hard-working to even attempt it.

But. . . her works of art had moisture in the bags! Likely, she didn’t have enough time to cool them before rushing out the door. So, just in case she’s reading, I wish to share my latest conquest:

Half sheet cooling racks for $3.09 – http://www.lionsdeal.com/wi-pgw-1216.html

They came shiny AND sturdy. Though made in China, all were perfectly straight and sat on the counter without wobbling. The cool part is that they fit inside my sheet pans without touching the bottoms of the pans (so no scratches). UPS shipping–their cheapest option–ran $11 and some some change. With shipping, it averaged $5.05/rack on the six that I bought. Order arrived in 4-5 days.

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