Experienced using paper bakerware?

Experienced using paper bakerware?

Hi everyone,

I am testing some cheesecake recipes for a cheese plant. So far I have been baking 9in cheesecakes in Kaiser Springform pans with mostly success except for some cracking (using convection mode) -also tried in a non springform 8 in and was a disaster, as could not get it out of pan. 

Now I want to make mini cheesecakes with the same recipe. I bought a metal ware Texas size muffin pan, individual silicone muffin/tart pans and individual paper muffin and tart cups (different sizes). I am going to try these each today, but please tell me, do professionals baking in bulk at a commercial kitchen use paperbakeware? I could find nothing on any historical forum on this topic. What a relief this would be to not have to pre-sanitize many 9in pans then spend hours in cooler for large cheesecakes to set properly and then carefully release each cake from pan and then have to wash and dry and try to store them in too small storage locker  and they don’t even stack!

Does anyone have experience with baking mini cheesecakes professionally in freestanding silicone or paper bakeware?

Thanks so much!!

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