Exploding sandwich bread

Exploding sandwich bread

So… had a little problem with my sandwich bread today. I use this KAF recipe for basic sourdough bread and usually have no problems with how it turns out. However, today the top blew up with some major oven spring. Like this:

and in the crumb, which is uneven, there is a tiny area of raw dough:

I guess the raw bit would of been solved if I baked it longer, though I did test the temperature and it was over 200 degrees… guess I just didn’t hit the raw area with my thermometer.

The only thing I did different was how I kneaded it. Before I just used my bread machine to knead the dough. However, I think it was over-kneading because when I would go to shape the dough, it would lose its smooth texture and start looking kind of lumpy and get more sticky. However, it would usually turn out okay. Anyways, this time I decided to use my new spiral dough hook on my KA mixer so that I could better control how long it was kneading and I did get a very nice dough that handled well and looked beautiful going into the pan. I let it rise until it was just over the edge of the pan and expected some oven spring, but not like this!

Any advice on controlling this better?

Source: Fresh Loaf