Figuring out bigger crumb holes

Figuring out bigger crumb holes

Sort of straight dough, but with 4% over-fermented sponge which I make up ahead of time and keep in the freezer, so I guess it’s really sponge and dough.

100% unbleached pastry flour (about 9% protein)

2% AB mauri low-diastatic malt

0.775% instant dry yeast

50% water (cool temperature)

mix briefly and autolyze 20 minutes, (so again not straight dough) then add

2% salt

4% overfermented 185% hydration sponge (made with bread flour)

15% water (cool temperature)

Trying to increase the hydration after autolyze makes for difficult mixing, but results are worth it.

Let it bulk ferment to double, refrigerated it overnight (not planned to do, but unexpected circumstances demanded it), punched it down once. In the morning, weighed, divided, let it warm a little, shaped, and let it proof to 1.5 gas:dough ratio, scored, and baked in a dry oven at 450°F for 20 minutes.

Not real happy with the crust, but this flour seemed the secret of a bread I’d been trying to duplicate for years. It has a nice soft, melt in your mouth crumb, like a restaurant from the 1980s in Bird Rock (San Diego) used to have, The French Pastry Shop.

Source: Fresh Loaf