Final Layer – Earth Oven

Final Layer – Earth Oven

Submitted by DiogoC on July 6, 2015 – 8:15pm.


I’ve built an earthen oven with two layers only, both around 10 cm thick.
– the first layer is a mix of clay and sand (1:4) that i let curing for 4 weeks before applying the second layer;
– the second layer i included some straw in the mix and the result is as you see it.

After the first couple of firings i started noticing some cracks (2-3mm wide) in the outer layer but didn’t see anything on the inside of the oven.

To address this cracking and finish of the oven i am planning to place some chicken wire all around the oven and then plaster it with a mix of hydrated lime putty and sand (1:3) and after it is completely cured apply linseed oil all around.

What do you reckon of this system?
I also thought about using a cement based render to coat all around but i haven’t been able to find anyone on the web who’s done it – Probably not a good idea!!

Any thoughts, suggestions?