Find The Best Dumpster Rental Prices In Your Area

There are many reasons as to why a homeowner may need to rent a dumpster at some point in their life. Usually the most common reason involves home improvement projects. Some rent dumpsters to help with cleaning out a home, apartment, or other location to remove trash and refuse from the location to make it livable again. No matter what the reason may be, renting a dumpster can be a good solution for a variety of projects. Businesses and construction companies can even make use of dumpsters, especially as a replacement for trash pickup and disposal for their property.

Renting dumpsters is much easier, and more common, than it used to be a couple of decades ago. There are a lot more companies out there on the market that provide dumpsters in various sizes, capable of handling a myriad of project sizes or uses. For the most part, a dumpster is a large metal box that can hold a large amount of trash or debris. Commercial size dumpsters usually don’t have lids on them, but come in much larger sizes that require a large truck to move and deliver them. Residential size dumpsters, on the other hand, come in a smaller range of sizes and have a lid on them to keep out animals and weather.

Commercial dumpsters, which range from small 20 yard containers up to larger 80 yard containers, are usually found at construction sites, home remodeling projects that involve multiple rooms, or cleanup jobs where a home is being cleaned out entirely like during a hoarding cleanup. They get delivered on large trucks, and then picked up on the same type of truck to be emptied or taken back after the rental contract is over. You can have them emptied in the middle of your project, but may be required to pay fuel usage fee’s depending on the company you rent from.

Residential dumpsters, on the other hand, range from 2 yards to 10 yards depending on the company you rent from. Most companies that rent residential dumpsters also rent out locks for them, but for a much higher cost than it would be to simply chain them yourself. When it comes to price differences, dumpster rental prices can be a lot more affordable for homeowners than trash pickup services, especially when considering the differences in trash collection amounts.