Finding the Best Walking Sandals

Sandals are a happy medium between the openness of a flip flop and the protection of a regular shoe. They provide maximum air circulation and are comfortable for walking on most terrains. Those looking for walking sandals for men have a wide range of options. That being said, sandals are generally categorized as open or closed. Both have their benefits and are great for regular wear. However, when choosing the perfect sandal, men should consider where and how they will be wearing the sandals.

Open sandals are great for walks around town or a leisurely stroll through the park. They are called open because there is little protection for the feet during a walk. Open sandals consist of rugged straps that cover the foot. Most sandals have a thick sole that will withstand any terrain. The biggest advantage to open sandals is their comfort. They provide maximum air circulation, making them comfortable to wear all day long. However, they don’t do much in terms of protection. Because of this, they are generally reserved for casual walks.

Closed sandals are very similar in appearance to regular shoes. They cover the foot to protect it from potentially harmful foliage and rocks. While they don’t completely cover the foot, they provide adequate coverage for protection. Their sturdy sole make them a great option for light hiking and traveling. They are, however, somewhat difficult to clean. Regular open sandals can easily become wet and dry quickly. Closed sandals, on the other hand, are not as forgiving. They can be difficult to clean and dry, similar to traditional shoes.

Considering how the sandal will be used can make the decision process much simpler. Sandals are often made with nature in mind. Because of this, most sandals are made with thick soles that are capable of going through natural terrain. The difference, however, lies within the protection of the foot. Those who are planning on using their sandals for rugged terrain have a safer bet with closed sandals. Casual walks and everyday use isn’t limited to either design. However, open sandals are great for maximizing comfort. Either way, men can find a sandal that works for them.